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  • Proven & Credentialed Expertise
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Program & Project

Achieve better performance, better results, and a competitive advantage Gurnet’s Project Leadership.

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Strategy & Alignment

Enhance productivity, foster innovation, and drive enterprise performance.

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Apply the global standard for Organizational Project Management – OPM3 – to align programs and projects to business strategies and objectives.

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The True Cost of Project Failure

Industry analysis shows nearly 75% of Project Management Offices (PMOs) are shuttered within four years. Two-thirds of IT projects fail to meet expectations or fail completely - jeopardizing strategic objectives, speed to market, or potentially threatening the existence of the company itself. See the true cost of project failure...

Why Go Gurnet

Gurnet has become the trusted source for project delivery expertise for Fortune 1000 and mid-market industry leaders. The firm has led the successful execution of over $500 million IT initiatives with a 95% success rate. See how Gurnet practices Excellence in Project Delivery…

Profiles of Success

Gurnet has been engaged in ten different industries to deliver solutions that span the technology spectrum. Engagements range from mission critical multi-year / multi-million dollar initiatives to week long consultations. See the challenges faced, solutions developed, and success achieved…

The Gurnet Professional Network

A social collaboration framework that applies the collective intelligence of our employees, professional networks, partners and customers to every engagement.

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Gurnet News

Find valuable links to latest news items within Gurnet Consulting and the industry. Explore this continually growing body of announcements!

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