1Business First.

When it comes to addressing today’s business challenges, technology is often the easiest decision to make. For individuals and organizations, it’s easy to become enamored with the bells, whistles, and promises new technology offers. Often, relying on the newest and most exciting technology results in missing the most effective solution.

2It’s not WHAT you deliver, it’s HOW you deliver.

Many businesses initiatives are often focused on the technology side of the equation – forgetting that Return on Investment is intrinsically linked to effective deployment, adoption, and use of the tool. Your people’s application and use of the tool is what matters most. After all, two thirds of the IT industry axiom – People, Process and Technology – has to do with people.

3Leverage Collective Intelligence.

The collective intelligence of Gurnet Consulting’s employees, partners, professional networks, and clients is brought to bear with every engagement. Known as the Gurnet Professional Network, the framework applies Enterprise 2.0 tools and techniques as a force multiplier – amplifying the intellectual capital of the entire firm with a global network of subject matter experts to solve clients’ problems quickly and effectively. This dynamic model combines bottom-up creative and collaborative processes with top-down organizational objectives to develop and deliver smart solutions with sustainable value.