Our Principles

1Clients Above Everything Else.

Strong client relationships are at the core of everything we do. We strive to keep clients needs and goals at the center of every decision we make. At Gurnet, we go beyond the simple transactional relationship of client and vendor – instead opting to foster a dynamic partnership that creates lasting value. By putting clients’ interests first, we align our success with theirs, ensuring our focus remains squarely on supporting their business, anticipating their needs, and helping them plan for the future.

2Collaborate and Communicate.

To help our clients meet and exceed their business goals, we have assembled a team of dedicated experts with the skills, experience, and understanding to solve even the most challenging business issues. However, thought-leadership and technical proficiency is just part of the equation. When clients engage with Gurnet, they gain a trusted partner that works with them, communicating every step of the way. We always pick up the phone and we always work to exceed expectations.

3Focus on Innovation.

At Gurnet, we treat clients’ challenges as our own, working to find the most effective and innovative solutions, while keeping a keen eye on the bottom line. We’re not satisfied to do things the same old way and we are always searching for new approaches to today’s biggest business challenges. This pragmatic approach to innovation allows Gurnet to deliver cutting edge solutions that meet present requirements, while anticipating a client’s future needs.


When a company engages Gurnet Consulting, they receive our full attention, the support of our entire organization, and access to the intellectual capital of our internal and external partners. For us, it’s not a matter of what we deliver for our clients, but how we deliver it. We understand the difference between managers and leaders. One shepherds a process, the other drives results. We prefer the latter. We’re in it for the long haul and are dedicated to developing value-add solutions to meet our clients’ business challenges.

5Create Lasting Value.

We take the role of trusted partner seriously and are dedicated to helping our clients meet their goals. We know they put a great deal of faith in us, and we don’t take that trust lightly. We know our clients count on technology to drive efficiencies, exploit a competitive advantage, or define a market. That’s why we focus on sound strategy, flawless execution, and continuous improvement. At Gurnet, we never stop looking for ways to make it better and we always aim to deliver sustained value.