The Gurnet Professional Network

Diversity of Experience

Since 2008, Gurnet Consulting has led the execution of over $500 million worth of IT initiatives, with a 95% success rate – ensuring our clients realized the promise of our strategic initiatives. We have been engaged in ten different industries to deliver solutions that span the technology spectrum. Our clients range from Fortune 1000 to mid-market leaders. Our engagements range from multi-year / multi-million dollar data center relocation efforts to week long consultations.

Collective Intelligence at Scale

Gurnet’s success is attributed to our ability to rapidly allocate and optimize resources to drive maximum results. We achieve this through the Gurnet Professional Network (GPN) – a social collaboration framework that applies the collective intelligence of our employees, professional networks, partners and customers to every engagement.

The application of Enterprise 2.0 tools and techniques has been a force multiplier to our ability to scale – providing specific expertise not found with traditional consulting firms.

The Power of the Network

A distributed problem-solving and production model that leverages the collective intelligence of the our employees, partners, professional networks, and clients to deliver the specific outcomes of client engagements.

The GPN is a tight network comprised of hundreds of thought leaders and practicing experts with proven credentials in IT strategy, leadership, execution, and operations. This proprietary network allows us to scale – tapping a deep source of Intellectual Capital to solve the most complex business problems.

We fully understand there is no “one-size-fits-all” in consulting. Each engagement has its unique characteristics. For this reason, the GPN is positioned to deliver the accurate, timely, and targeted allocation of resources to meet the demands of your business.