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Why Go Gurnet

Why Go Gurnet

1 Award Winning Solutions.

Over the years, Gurnet Consulting has worked hard to understand the strategy and objectives of the businesses we serve. Our solutions have been validated by the awards and recognition received from industry peers as well as national publications, including: NetworkWorld, Time Magazine, Mass High Tech, the Providence Journal, and Providence Business News. This recognition demonstrates not only the firm’s commitment to our clients, but also our role as an industry innovator.

2 Proven Track Record.

Gurnet Consulting maintains a 95% project success rate, while the industry standard is a paltry 33%. Gurnet’s project delivery cycle is a tightly integrated framework of people, process, and technology focused on flawless execution – accelerating speed to market and value realization – while eliminating the opportunity costs associated with untimely delivery or project failure.

Our reputation is built on delivering results for Fortune 1000 to mid-market leaders. We’ve been engaged in ten different industries to deliver solutions that span the technology spectrum – from leading a Fortune 500’s multi-million dollar outsourcing initiative to leading the program responsible for deploying wireless networking to every school in the state of Rhode Island.

3 Big 4 Expertise Without Big Fees.

Gurnet Consulting was founded as a different kind of professional services firm – hiring the region’s best and brightest, harnessing the collective intelligence of their professional networks, and leveraging it to be the best in the industry. Gurnet’s business model keeps overhead low and capabilities high – investing heavily in human and intellectual capital and embracing Enterprise 2.0 tools and techniques to drive culture, communication, collaboration, and innovation. By engaging Gurnet, clients receive the best of both worlds – experience and capabilities found in Big 4 Firms, with greater flexibility and less expensive cost structures.

4 Skin in the Game.

Gurnet Consulting has been lauded for its pragmatic use of Enterprise 2.0 frameworks, allowing the firm to invest in its people, instead of overhead. Employee owned and operated, everyone at Gurnet has a stake in the success of the company and its clients. This added element of ownership and accountability delivers increased benefits for the businesses they serve in the form of innovative solutions, superior project delivery, and a higher return on every dollar spent.

5 Depth and Breadth of Experience.

Experience matters. That’s why clients rely on Gurnet Consulting. Every engagement brings new challenges and new opportunities to The Gurnet Professional Network. Our distributed problem solving and production model leverages the collective intelligence of our employees, partners, professional networks, and clients to deliver custom solutions. Access to subject matter and industry experts extends our capabilities beyond organizational walls, enabling Gurnet to provide a depth and breadth of expertise unparalleled in the market place.

6 Customized Solutions.

Every client has specific goals, objectives, challenges, and needs. Gurnet does not do “one-size-fits-all” programs, “been there, done that” architecture, or “out-of-the-box” implementations. We tailor our engagement models and solutions to meet the unique requirements of each client. Gurnet engagements are not conducted in a vacuum. Looking at the big picture – accounting for corporate strategy, cultural norms, operational maturity, organizational capability and capacity, geographic location, industry trends, regulatory concerns, technology platforms, and fiscal constraints – are just a few of the many components we take into account. By taking a holistic view of the entire organization, we are able to deliver efficient and targeted solutions that minimize friction and leads to faster integration and adoption.